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Analysis and Prospect of China's Theme Hotel Development

Date: 2020-03-21

Theme hotels have been well received by customers in recent years, and the audience is popular among high-end people and the new middle class. Excellent theme hotels can create the hotel's unique atmosphere and atmosphere, creating an unforgettable consumer experience for guests. Such a hotel can be loved by the market.

First, the theme hotel overview

1.The concept of themed hotels

The theme hotel is a hotel with a specific theme as its central idea, which can provide a unique consumer experience in the design, construction, operation management and service links. Its themes include historical culture, ethnic folk customs, natural resources, social resources, etc., with the unique charm of cultural resources, enrich and optimize the content of hotel products, enhance hotel quality, and allow customers to have a better experience and hotel consumption experience.

2.The characteristics of the theme hotel

(1) Uniqueness

Uniqueness is the strategic starting point of the theme hotel, and different cultural environments are used as marketing methods to attract customers and form the hotel's core competitiveness. The uniqueness between theme hotels lies in the differences between themes, the differences in the details caused by them, and the different experience content, but the emphasis on the experience is consistent. We can reflect the uniqueness of the theme hotel through various methods and channels, such as unique cultural resources, unique service items, and unique brand resources.

(2) Cultural

The culture reflects the hotel's pursuit of connotation, which is the specific tactics and means implemented by the hotel, and the hotel must gain its competitive advantage through culture. The theme hotel culture and hotel culture in the general sense are two different concepts. The general hotel culture is mainly the service culture; while the theme hotel culture is based on the hotel culture and is characterized by its characteristic management. Culture is the sum of human material wealth and spiritual wealth. Any theme hotel revolves around the subject material to dig out the corresponding theme culture. The cultural theme hotel highlights the cultural nature of the theme hotel.

(3) Experience

Experience is the essence that hotels are pursuing. In the end, hotels must achieve a high return on profits by giving customers a unique experience. This is the hotel's ultimate goal. Standardization and standardization are the foundation of hotel services, but too similar products in the hotel industry have caused consumer burnout, and the development of theme hotels is a new opportunity to activate consumer spending enthusiasm and bring customers to the public. Different hotel experiences meet the consumer needs of seeking new and different.

Second, the development status of China's theme hotels

According to incomplete statistics, there are currently more than 400 theme hotels in China, and their development is good. Among them, Sichuan Province has the largest number of theme hotels, reaching 49; followed by 39 in Shandong Province; followed by 36 in Beijing, 34 in Guangdong, and 27 in Zhejiang. But the distribution is not limited to Sichuan, Guangdong, Beijing, Zhejiang and other places where the hotel industry is more developed. Although the hotel has regional characteristics, the industry is ultimately going to be classic, tasteful and its own brand characteristics.

1.Spring Water Theme Hotel-Liangyou Fulin Hotel

Liangyou Fulin Hotel in Jinan City, Shandong Province uses spring water as the theme. The lobby and all floors of the hotel have spring views and poems and poems related to spring water. The hotel's private rooms are named after the famous springs. The walls and carpets of the hotel rooms also have spring water elements. The gifts for hotel guests are also related to spring water. . Not only that, the fresh spring water and hot spring banquet that the hotel has taken from Heihu Spring have become the fist products of Liangyou Fulin Hotel. From 2012 to 2017, the hotel's occupancy rate increased by 16%, and its turnover increased by 65%. The intangible assets of the trademarks of "Spring Water Theme" and "Spring Water Culture" registered in Liangyou Fulin Hotel amounted to 50.671 million yuan.

2. Jingdezhen Blue and White Porcelain Theme Hotel-Blue and White Theme Hotel

The blue and white theme hotel in Jingdezhen uses specially made blue and white porcelain as decorative elements. Each room is hung with pictures of local tourist attractions and ceramic crafts. The guests can increase their understanding of ceramic culture after the rest of the guests. The unique blue and white pottery provides At the exhibition of works and live manual performances, guests can personally produce ceramic works and experience the unique charm of ceramic art. The hotel also provides services such as art exchange, ceramic information, packaging and transportation, and ancient porcelain identification.

3.Zen culture theme hotel-meditation hotel

Zhao Jian Shan Ju is a Songshan Shaolin Zen cultural theme hotel. It is dedicated to providing tourists with a zen cultural experience of listening, watching, practicing, and enlightening. Nearly twenty zen cultures including China, chanting Zen, Zen tea, incense, passing the hall, copying scriptures, meditation, medicinal stones, Zen martial arts, agricultural meditation, blessings, votive prayers, meditation on chess, Mo meditation Traditional culture experience and attending courses are free for staying tourists. Guests can choose the experience and study according to their own interests and time schedule.

3. Problems in China's theme hotels

The theme hotels in China started late, and domestic consumers still choose to stay in traditional hotels. The occupancy rate of theme hotels as a whole remains at about 50%, which is far lower than that of foreign theme hotels. The outstanding problems are reflected in the following aspects:

1. The choice of theme culture is relatively convergent and lacks innovation

The choice of theme culture is relatively similar, and the differences among the theme culture hotels are not obvious. The uniqueness, uniqueness and irreproducibility of the theme cultural hotel are not highlighted. The core standard of a cultural theme hotel is culture, and the prerequisite for creating a cultural theme hotel is to carefully analyze the cultural resources and customer demand of the customer source market, and create products with distinctive characteristics and meeting the consumption needs of guests.

2.The theme culture is single

From the perspective of the specific construction method of the theme cultural hotel, the presentation of the theme culture by the hotel is relatively simple, and there are obvious surface phenomena. For example, most of the theme cultural hotels are only based on their own flat layout, landscape matching, interior decoration, and The service personnel's dress and other aspects are effectively constructed. Although on the surface it does meet the requirements of the theme culture, it cannot reflect the deep theme culture, and the customers cannot also understand the specific theme culture connotation.

3. The theme cultural products are not perfect

Cultural theme hotel products mainly include catering service products, room service products, and special product services. Food service products should have special catering foods related to cultural themes, and room service products should have creative products related to the theme culture, as well as creative services based on cultural themes, with customers' "experience" as the first requirement , And finally should provide corresponding experiential services in product services, such as sports, leisure services, specialty goods services, etc.