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Argyle International Airport Hotel Shanghai, Es befindet sich am Ausgang des Terminals 1 von Hongqiao Hub und Terminal 1 der U-Bahn-Linie Nr.10 am Flughafen Nr.1 Straße. Es ist nur wenige Schritte von Hongqiao International Airport entfernt. Es dauert etwa zehn Minuten, um Terminal 2 und etwa 20 Minuten, um das National Convention and Exhibition Center, neben Hongqiao Railway Station (Hochgeschwindigkeitsbahn) zu erreichen.
Das Hotel befindet sich im Kernbereich des Hongqiao Verkehrsknotenpunkts, weg von Hongqiao Business District, National Convention and Exhibition Center Ruian Hongqiao Xintiandi ist innerhalb von 5-20 Minuten mit dem Auto;Bequemer Transport und einzigartige geografische Lage.
Das Hotel verfügt über alle Arten von warmen Zimmern mit exquisitem Design und eleganter Umgebung.Es gibt Restaurants, Selbstbedienungsräume und private Zimmer im Hotel, die Ihnen abwechslungsreiche Speisen und 18-Stunden-Mahlzeit bieten.Im zweiten Stock der Lobby und im dritten Stock des Podiums befinden sich fünf Multimedia-Konferenzräume.Die Pavillons und Pavillons des Hotels haben eine schöne Landschaft und bequeme Parkplätze für Kunden.Mit bequemen Verkehrsmitteln, kompletten Dienstleistungen und luxuriösen Einrichtungen ist Shanghai Huagang Akkord Hotel Ihre sichere Wahl für Geschäfts-, Urlaubs- und Bankettaktivitäten.
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Hotel FAQs
  • Wie weit ist das Hotel vom Pudong International Airport Shanghai entfernt?

    Argyle International Airport Hotel Shanghai ist 43km vom Flughafen entfernt.

  • Bietet das Argyle International Airport Hotel Shanghai einen Abholservice?

    Ja, bitte kontaktieren Sie uns nach der Buchung.

  • Wie lauten die Check-in und Check-out Zeiten im Argyle International Airport Hotel Shanghai?

    Check-in Zeit ist ab 12:00, und Check-out Zeit ist bis 14:00 im Argyle International Airport Hotel Shanghai.

  • Hat die Argyle International Airport Hotel Shanghai einen Pool und das Fitnessstudio?

    Das Hotel verfügt über einen Fitnessraum, aber keinen Swimmingpool. Erfahren Sie Einzelheiten zum Pool und anderen Ausstattungen auf dieser Seite.

  • Hat die Argyle International Airport Hotel Shanghai ein Restaurant vor Ort?

    Ja, Sie können im Hotel essen.

  • Hat das Argyle International Airport Hotel Shanghai Breitband oder Wifi?

    Ja, wenden Sie sich bitte an die Rezeption.

  • Akzeptiert das Argyle International Airport Hotel Shanghai eine Vorauszahlung?

    Ja, bitte geben Sie die Bestellung vor der Kontaktaufnahme mit uns ein.

  • Akzeptiert das Argyle International Airport Hotel Shanghai Kreditkarten?

    Nein, das Hotel akzeptiert keine Kreditkarten.

  • Wie viel kostet das Frühstück des Argyle International Airport Hotel Shanghai?

    Frühstück CNY68 / Person.

  • Wieviel kostet der Aufenthalt in der Argyle International Airport Hotel Shanghai?

    Die Preise beginnen bei CNY350, Dies hängt vom Zimmertyp und dem Datum ab.

Bewertungen Mehr
  • leeyo27
    The environment and service were pretty good
  • puer7582
    It's really good. Is there a shuttle bus to terminal 2 or a big rush, ha ha...
  • alan5362
    not bad
  • gracelilan
    The location is very good. It's convenient to walk to the airport for about 3 minutes. The hotel environment is very good, hygienic and clean, the room is also very large, and the cost performance is very good. The hotel parking lot can deposit vehicles, which is much cheaper than the airport parking lot. I'll stay at the airport next time
  • jorpeng
    The location of the hotel is very close to terminal 1 of Hongqiao Airport. I checked in twice. One is to catch the early flight, and the other is that the plane arrived at Hongqiao too late and didn't go back. The hotel facilities are very old, the health and service are average, especially the first time to stay, the next morning to take the hotel car to terminal 2, the driver's attitude is indifferent, uncomfortable!
  • e00137077
    It is convenient to get to the airport, but Hongqiao terminal 1 is decorated and traffic jams.
  • nxgwangjingjing
    It's good
  • benlin
  • Linde
    it 's not bad.
  • mobin_23
    Next to T1, less than 5 minutes' walk. It's convenient to get off the plane early and get off the plane late.
  • darrenfly
    I ordered it for the leader. It's said that I'm quite satisfied
  • e00905939
    It's only two or three minutes' walk from line 10. The environment is very good and clean. Next to the airport, but the sound insulation effect is very good. There's no sound at all. It's worth catching a plane
  • ww1234
    Very good overall ~! I'll stay next time ~!
  • jgale
    The hotel is located in the center, convenient transportation, quiet in noisy, clean rooms, warm layout, compared with the same grade hotel, cost-effective. The waiter is very friendly and will check in next time.
  • sunpengyuan
    not bad
  • GobleTraveller
    The transportation is convenient and the room is pretty good
  • sabrinafair
    Hotel is good, travel is more convenient, close to the subway, a good choice
  • sujin2008
    The bed is not bad.
  • egdjsjlw
    Helpless choice, to catch a plane
  • ama502
    It's convenient to take an early flight abroad
  • angellnee
    Good environment, service, very close to the subway
  • gaona19860630
    It's pretty good to pick up the plane, but the parking position is a little far away. The hotel is close to 1 good terminal, with good facilities, but it's a little old. It's not far from line 10. It's enough to walk for 3 minutes. It's convenient to take the train and plane. It's suitable for transition check-in.
  • e00085088
    Bad network, good location, ordinary breakfast
  • budino
    The only deficiency is that the bathroom design is unreasonable, the shower can not be adjusted, and the height difference of customers is not taken into account. Everything else is pretty good.
  • batty
    It's very clean. The so-called 25 square meter big bed is a little small
  • e00801659
    Good. There's a shuttle at the T1 gate. Great
  • mysun5710
    It's close to the airport. OK
  • anpora
    It's convenient to make a plane
  • guidolino
    It's close to the airport. It's very convenient. The service is good and the environment is good. There's a special bus to building 2. Building 1 is close to the right foot
  • lina674533370
    The plane arrived at terminal 2, but who knows that the hotel was in terminal 1. When we arrived at night, the subway stopped, the Ferry Bus disappeared, the distance under our eyes, the taxi didn't want to pull, and the special bus didn't want to pull even with 20 yuan tip. We had to take a bus to the city, and then take a taxi from the city to the wine shop. We've never experienced such an inconvenient hotel; In the early morning, the sound of tapping iron pipes came from outside, which was more effective than alarm clock. The price was too expensive to understand. I would never live again.
  • lion168
    The hotel has a good environment, convenient transportation, perfect facilities, large rooms and very tidy. The most important thing is that the service staff are friendly and the price is reasonable. Generally speaking, it's already very good. I hope to stay here again when I have the opportunity.
  • e01333989
    It's convenient and noisy to be near the airport. It would be better if the glass were soundproof
  • amber8414
    Not bad. It's convenient to have a bus to the airport.
  • colawang168
    It's very close to the terminal
  • larfier
    The hotel environment is good, but the hotel is still far from T2
  • Angela699231
    Yes, it's convenient to fly.
  • B787-9
    The hotel is located on the other side of terminal 1. It takes about 2 minutes for the ferry bus between terminal 1 and terminal 2 to walk to the terminal. In the morning, it costs 25 yuan to take a taxi from the hotel to the long-distance bus station (close to terminal 2, together with the railway station). It's strange that the door of the bathroom can't be closed.
  • d04993858
    It's good. The environment is very good. It's cost-effective
  • basicbest
    The hotel rooms are well equipped. It's close to the airport. The surrounding catering is poor.
  • steven3695
    very good
  • cici1975
    It is very close to passengers who have to catch Hongqiao Airport in the morning. The only big disadvantage is that taxis are very difficult to call. I hope it can be improved
  • GaoDaYuan
    The service of the hotel is first-class. Because the plane is late, it's already more than eight o'clock at Hongqiao Airport. I contacted the hotel to pick up the plane. I had to make an appointment two hours in advance. As a result, the service personnel are very good. I heard that the plane arrived late and said that I could arrange a car to pick it up right away. It's really considerate!
    I booked it for others. It's a good location. It's suitable for people who catch an early flight
  • cici_xu
    Yes, it's good to transfer overnight, except for being close to the airport and making a lot of noise
  • elsa29
  • fad f
    Breakfast was ok, the location was more remote, and the room was clean and tidy,
  • lry0416
    It's OK, mainly because it's close, convenient and WiFi is slow
  • AngelWong2010
    The sanitation, location and facilities were all passed, and the service was very good. It's worth pointing out that the breakfast in this hotel is the best in the same hotel, with good variety and taste. Moreover, the breakfast time is 10 o'clock, and when I go in at about 9:50, the waiter is still changing new dishes, so it won't be all the cold dishes left just because it's almost time. In other words, the hardware of hotels at the same price is almost the same. It's hard to break through. Only this kind of high-quality service details will really add points. Great. It's coming again.
  • greennclean2009
    The service was quite up to standard, the attitude was good, it was a hotel worthy of recommendation, especially the staff in the lobby were moving, the food quality was also very good, the only shortage was small, and the buffet was average
  • ccpeony
    It's very close to the airport, so it's very convenient. It's very good for passengers who fly early the next day
  • forgot2004
  • joy00000000
    Overall, I felt it was OK. Implement the whole plan. If you come back next time, you will check in again,
  • Waiting
    First class environment, convenient transportation, 2 minutes walk from Shanghai Hongqiao ti
  • yayanini2001
    The hotel booked for the auto show is 2 or 3 minutes' walk from Hongqiao terminal of line 10. Sound insulation is average. The price is small and expensive.
  • nandejiaoao
    I ordered it for my friends. My friends near Hongqiao have always chosen this place. Very clean, good breakfast, very close to the airport.
  • bjcpa
    As long as the transfer is convenient, the surrounding environment is general
  • bluedward8457
    The location is convenient. It's the subway. The service was very friendly and the food was also good. I recommend wonton and steamed bun for breakfast! The price is also reasonable, cheap and good.
  • tianlanyaya
    Generally speaking, it's not bad.
    The key is good geographical location, a few steps away from T1
  • Elena315
    it 's not bad
  • clarewj
    For the convenience of travel the next day, I chose this one. Although it is not as close as the popular one, the distance is also OK
  • liyongyi
    The staff are very good
  • e02072934
    The service was terrible!
  • e00907065
    The location is not very good, but the price is reasonable, very good
  • justsoso51
    Convenient transfer
  • e00121165
    The hotel is very close to terminal T1. It's also very convenient to take line 10. I don't know it when I drive. The hotel facilities are good and the cost performance is very high. I recommend it~~~
  • e00045425
    not bad
  • eleworm
    Overall can
  • bember
    It's OK to check in for the first time. It's closer to the office and more convenient
  • gaofeiblue
    Good, convenient transportation
  • taosiwei2010
  • fenbide
    Very convenient
  • tffaus
    The location of the hotel is convenient to fly, the facilities are average, the quality of the service personnel is average, and they are not very patient. Because the plane arrives late, it is very convenient to choose this hotel.
  • liteli
    I think it's OK. It took me a while to find it! Not far
  • e03245220
    The hotel is quiet in the middle of trouble and has convenient transportation. It is a few minutes' walk from T2 terminal. I'll check in next time
  • css87827
    It's near the airport, but it's a little noisy, but it's convenient to catch a plane.
  • air_cruiser
    The location is in the airport. The hotel is relatively old-fashioned.
  • ua04152
    not bad