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Argyle Hotel (Hongqiao International Airport) Shanghai is located at Airport Terminal 1-Hongqiao Junction Terminal 1, Exit 10 of Terminal 1 of Metro Line 10, only a few steps away from Hongqiao International Airport, and it takes about 10 minutes by car to reach No. 2 The terminal is about 20 minutes away from the National Convention and Exhibition Center, and is next to Hongqiao Railway Station (high-speed rail).

Hotel is located in the core area of Hongqiao Transportation Hub, within 5-20 minutes drive from Hongqiao Business District, National Convention and Exhibition Center, and Ruian Hongqiao Xintiandi. The transportation is convenient and the geographical location is unique.

Hotel has a variety of warm rooms, beautifully designed and elegant environment. The hotel has a restaurant, buffet, and private rooms, which serve you a variety of cuisines, and provide up to 18 hours of meal service. There are 5 multimedia conference rooms on the second floor of the lobby and the third floor of the podium. The hotel's pavilions have beautiful scenery and convenient guest parking spaces. Convenient transportation, complete service items, luxurious facilities and equipment, Shanghai Huagang Accord Hotel is your peace of mind choice for business, vacation and banquet events.
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  • sxyyd
    Earlier flights are lived here, walk to the airport really easy!
  • andrewnini
    Starting 1th Terminal is convenient also for the sole purpose of flying before going live
  • lalawuu
    Near the Terminal first, accessibility, and business recommendations
  • wn19841219
    location wise is not bad, good if u need to take an early flight on the next day.
  • steely2591
    Temporary hotel. walked five minutes from the subway station, very convenient. the hotel front desk was very patient, very comfortable. room was small, but the layout is reasonable, clean and tidy. independent Wi-Fi in the room, it's wicked. a very pleasant stay.
  • mm1052760416
    Hotel is good, around the airport infrastructure.
  • FatGuy
    Gao Tiehong bridge, had to change line Line 10 to T1, years later only a 200 m walk from, is the hotel closest to the T1. room and service were very good, but near the airport on one side of the room is a little noise, but has little effect on me
  • ndxxb
    Nice, friendly and good, convenient
  • rdlpig
    AH HA HA HA: tangle tangle
  • allenyml
    Which is very nice
  • lf522521
    Well there is no mobile phone charger
  • bruxe
    From the 1th Terminal near, catch a plane here fits
  • nonosj
    Overall I feel very good, from the first Terminal and subway are also close
  • beyfea
    The hotel is very convenient to stay for National Exhibition and HongQiao flights, thanks.
  • ananan
    Is away from the HongQiao airport, roads, a little trouble
  • gaogao88
    Good, convenient
  • ping348
    2016 years, also in Shanghai, still hotels without air conditioning, aircraft movements and often, a lot of noise, the only advantage is that from the subway, also lacks food around, anyway, will not go back in the future ... ...
  • asfsdsss
    Because the next day to catch a very early flight arrived, General hotel facilities, it may be a long time
  • ling098
  • jingjing0206
    Next to the first Terminal, very convenient, rooms clean
  • anita3126
    Located within the airport, catch a plane or night land stay very easy
  • itsmart
    Very close to the Terminal from 1th to catch early flights booked this hotel very convenient
  • a521441314
    Location is clean because you want to catch the plane sat on the hotel's shuttle bus transfer service from the 5:30 is very good
  • e04912278
    Oh well
  • Tracywangge
    Affordable, is close to the HongQiao airport terminal 1th, easy to eat on the side
  • css87827
    Close to airport, it is a bit noisy, but easy to catch a plane.
  • april318
    That's no problem
  • bjyoung
    Nice, but the equipment is old, stations can also
  • e02005256
    Hotel Nice, service is attentive, the only inadequacy is that the surroundings are being transformed.
  • ionian
    Next to the airport convenient main
    The old, the tide, nothing like the 4 stars.
  • Bad Boy
    That's good
  • e00073743
  • bluecerato
    Cheated, said to be from HongQiao airport 400 meters, turned out to be from the Terminal T1 400 meters from the T2 Terminal: 7 km more, real grass, T1 has a few flights, services in General, is a look at the middle of bad temper and true garbage
  • With JJ JJ
    Service is super nice there is no shuttle bus breakfast is simple but very comfort and recommend
  • Danny-Maomao
    Very poor hotel, in front of the security service is really bad
  • jieyao123
    Hotel OK, service was good
  • appendix
    Other good, service has not kept up, there is a more important point, poor safety management. our fellow friends, door at around 5 in the morning by unidentified people beating, friends tell the front desk, security, yet to ... left the hotel to go to the front desk asking this, front desk staff very aloof! such management?
  • nxgwangjingjing
  • canbaobao9145
    Metro near the airport this hotel room clean and tidy convenience next time
  • claraliu
    In order to catch a plane, facilities OK.
  • demmama
    Nice, service was good, the rooms new
  • bluescene
    Transportation is very convenient, very close to the Terminal from the first, very convenient, walking up to five minutes, help students book, because at night to catch a plane, so it is very good!
  • dugujian990
    General transit so choose near point hotel
  • gaolin320
    Is close to the HongQiao, 1th floor, really, very convenient ... hotel facilities are good.
  • lilyyxy
    Also, the bed comfortable ...
  • lilu_2004
    Is close to the HongQiao international airport, near the Metro Line 10, quite convenient. There is a pick up and drop off service, more thoughtful. room facilities good, clean and sanitary.
  • asd-003
    Good, found front desk has a brand Shang is intimate of wrote with can extended to at two o'clock in the afternoon check out, to flight of people provides has convenient. location away from first Terminal floor is near, out, turn, found a parking export, next a alley child wear past is has, certainly you also can according to logo to of route around a big circle. to Xujiahui to turned Metro, but also also convenient. Only suggestion is; a hot hair dryer can not set will automatically shut it! can only openAutomatic fire break around 30 seconds, and then wait at least five minutes before it gets cold again, another 30 seconds, this is crazy, I finally gave up and blowing hair.?
  • e01884184
    Health condition is very good, very close to the Terminal from the 1th, very convenient. highly recommended.
  • delen.yin
    Each fly chose this