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Ivyau2010score:3.5 / 52023-03-23
Hongqiao T1 walking within the scope of this one is better, there is no choice. After staying in the store for two days, I forgot the base of my electric kettle when I left. I couldn't find it when I called the front desk... Speechless. Living for the geographical location, nothing else can be nostalgic.
micyjiangscore:4.3 / 52023-03-22
The hotel is generally good and the rooms are clean
xxandbbscore:1.5 / 52023-03-22
The front desk is an intern reception. It took a long time to check in. If it wasn't for catching a plane, I wouldn't check in.
e04245511score:5.0 / 52023-03-21
The service of the hotel is very good, very kind, I will stay next time
e03328338score:5.0 / 52023-03-20
It's just next to T1. It's very convenient to arrive from T1. If we land from other terminals, we can pick up the plane for free. This time, we just got off the plane and got on the hotel car. I feel very intimate
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